Mission Statement:

Lara Cattery provides the following services: to provide secure hygienic accommodation with an emphasis on providing stress-free care that is appropriate to pets in respect of routine, socialization, diet, heating and cooling.

These Terms and Conditions are binding on all owners who engage the services of Lara Cattery.

Lara Cattery abides by the Domestic Animal Act 1994

Lara Cattery reserves the right to refuse housing and admission of any pet at its sole discretion.

Health Requirements:

All pets admitted to Lara Cattery must be in good health and unless otherwise stated by the owner of the pet must provide Lara Cattery with any known or suspected medical conditions at the time of admission and any and all prior and existing medications. All medications must be provided to Lara Cattery on admission. Lara Cattery reserves the right to refuse admission on the grounds of the fitness of the pet.

The owner warrants to Lara Cattery that you have disclosed all relevant and personal information in relation to your pet where existing or not.

Medications must be supplied to Lara Cattery in the original veterinary container, for the correct pet, the correct drug with instructions for the correct dose, route of administration, time of administration and appropriate storage.

The owner warrants to Lara cattery that the pet has been checked for fleas and ticks prior to its arrival and that any loss suffered by the Lara Cattery due to the failure of an owner disclosing information in relation to their pet will be borne by the owner including for third party pets.

Lara Cattery is not responsible for the aesthetic maintenance of pets unless otherwise agreed in writing including fur coats.

Vaccination Requirements:

Lara Cattery requires all owners to provided current vaccination certificates for each pet.

Lara Cattery and all owners agree to be bound by the relevant State of Victoria legislation from time to time in relation to vaccinations and other medical practices.

All pets are required to be vaccinated in accordance with proper practices in Victoria from time to time.

General  Care:

Lara Cattery reserves the rights to charge additional fees for its services and will provide for such services in its invoices this may include medication, heating and transport.

Lara Cattery reserves the right to ask you to pick up your pet without notice at its sole discretion if it is no longer appropriate for the pet to remain at the Lara Cattery.

Any damage caused to Lara Cattery premises by the pet will be at the expense of the owner.

Lara Cattery will provide care in accordance with the laws of the State of Victoria.

The Lara Cattery is indemnified by the owners in relation to any act or omission resulting in any accident, injury or death to a pet. The failure to provide proper medical treatment to a pet is not the fault of Lara Cattery or its associated Veterinarians.

Lara Cattery is not a licensed Veterinarian however if required the Lara Cattery will engage a Qualified Veterinarian to examine the owners pet at the discretion of Lara Cattery. All costs associated with engaging a Veterinarian will be borne solely by the owner of the pet. The Lara Cattery will use its own Veterinary Clinic unless agreed upon previously.


All bookings are secured with a deposit. All deposits are nonrefundable.

All days booked are paid for.

All days booked at Peak Periods are to be paid for and paid in full at the commencement of the boarding period.

Drop offs and collections outside business hours will incur an extra days boarding fee.

Fees and Charges are subject to change without notice.

We may use social media from time to time you must notify Lara Cattery if you do not wish Lara Cattery to use photographs of your pet/pets.

Owner/Guardian of pets boarding at Lara Cattery must provide emergency details when in Australia or Overseas.

If the Owner/Guardian wishes to have more than one pet boarded together in the same enclosure for the duration of their boarding period, should there be any temperament or health issues etc. permission is given by accepting these Terms and Conditions for them to be housed separately.