accommodationThe majority of our pet apartments have an individual outside run where your pet can have free access to the outside throughout the day as it wishes. They are free to laze away the day snoozing, bird watching or simply watching us as we go about our daily routines.

The apartments and runs are many times greater in size than the regulations and have space for two shelves inside, two outside, a bed, a scratching post, toys and the necessary toilet facilities.

We have single apartments with an outside run for one cat and double apartments (which are the size of two singles) for two or possibly three cats from the same household. The double apartments have room for a very large scratching post, a chair inside and outside and large snoozing shelves.

We do have availability for larger family groups.

The cattery is air conditioned for those hot summer months, fully insulated and passively ventilated. There is overhead heating in the cooler months if required and we have snuggle safe heat pads for the elderly or frail pets which they have around the clock.

Beds and bedding is provided (but please feel free to bring your own if you prefer) we use polar fleece blankets and surrounds, sheepskins and bean bags for the cooler months and lighter weight materials for the summer.

Your pets accommodation and run is separate from any other cat and there are solid barriers between each apartment and run.

Hygiene in this cattery is one hundred and ten percent. We guarantee that your pet’s apartment has been empty for twenty-four hours before being reallocated.