Stands well above other catteries I have boarded my cats at in terms of hygiene standards and individual care.

Genuine, knowledgeable attention and care for well being of all cats boarded.
Pleasant, comfortable accommodation. Highly recommend!

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Would not send our cats anywhere else. We've been leaving our cats in their competent care for well over a decade now.

We have taken our cats to the Lara Cattery for many years and would highly recommend this cattery to anyone. The enclosures are always pristine as is the rest of the facility. We currently have an elderly cat and she is a very special member of our family that our children have grown up with. Lorraine and Paul take great care to ensure she is comfortable, warm and relaxed in her aging years and also make a special effort to monitor her well-being in extremely hot weather. Their care and knowledge of each individual cat's requirements is extraordinary and they care for each animal as if it was their own special family pet. I would have no hesitation in recommending the Lara Cattery to anyone with a special feline friend.

My cat was a rescue animal so I was very cautious about leaving him in catteries, however Lara Cattery is by far the best place I have used and I wouldn't consider using anyone else. Paul and Lorraine make a point of knowing each cat that comes into their care, and they are fantastic. The pens are spacious and clean and allow for the cats to be outside in their own courtyard. Above anything else my boy is always happy and relaxed when I pick him up which means the world to me.

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We've been using Lara Cattery for three years now and the care and environment are great. I recommend it.We've been using Lara Cattery for three years now and the care and environment are great. I recommend it.

Very clean and well organised. Cats are very well cared for. Will definitely use again.

My Abyssinian cat, Sos, is my baby. I've been sending him to Lara Cattery now for 13 years. The time he spends there has varied from a couple of days to a couple of months.The facilities are clean, large, and cat friendly. When travelling overseas (as the crazy cat lady I am) I often email Lorraine to check on Sos' condition. Lorraine is always patient, understanding and replies to my emails in a timely fashion. She once even spent a good 10minutes, over the phone, detailing the cattery's fire plan. One of the best services that the Lara Cattery offer, are the personal drop-offs and pick-ups. As I live in Melbourne and am a creature of convenience, this service is ideal for me and ensures that Sos, in rural settings, has a larger space to roam and is not locked away in a dingy city cell.

We have always taken our kitties to this wonderful cattery. It is clean,no urine smells or litter smells at all and so well set up for our Cats to enjoy their time there, he owners and wonderful staff obviously love Cats and it shows, as the cats are always happy when we drop them off and pick them up.
We always recommend Lara Cattery to our friends and family members. A+++++

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We've been sending our cat here for years now. Even though it's a 35 minute drive from home we drop him off with confidence. It's hard to find a cattery that provides an outdoor space for cats. Our favourite feline enjoys the opportunity to get sun and fresh air in his private courtyard. Lorraine is always communicative and has alerted us promptly when our cat wasn't eating on one occasion. This was resolved promptly when she gave him the food we requested. Our cat can be a little temperamental but Lorraine makes us feel at ease and we feel assured he is in good hands. We would happily recommend this cattery.

Excellent enclosures with an outside run which my cat immediately goes to. Very clean, lots of cosy bedding. Smokey goes there and comes home with no change in behaviour, very settled.

My wife and I have two cats and we have travelled regularly, requiring on many occasions lodgings for our precious furry friends. So over many years, we have had our cats boarded at no less than 5 catteries in the Geelong region. Always searching for a better level of care as the cats aged, our most recent lodgings for them some three years ago was the Lara Cattery. We have always inspected any potential lodgings and talked with the owners before making a decision. These premises were so clean you could eat your lunch off the floor. Such presentation was not just "put on" for our visit, as we have called in unannounced on other occasions, and always found the place immaculately clean and tidy. The owners here have provided a level of care and attention for our now-geriatric cats that goes way above and beyond the call of duty. Every request was heeded, daily details were logged on such things as bowel movements, quantities of food eaten, medications administered and general observations as to the behaviour of the animals. One cat required extra feeding daily, and this was gladly taken care of. Apprehensively, we dropped him off in a relatively frail state, and we were pleasantly surprised to discover on our return that his overall condition had improved and he had actually gained weight. We had never experienced this level of care and responsibility before, and consequently have continued to utilise their services, and have no hesitation in recommending this facility to the most fastidious cat owner.

We like to go away on holiday and be secure in the knowledge our cats are safe. In Christchurch our cats were in care for 2 months after the earthquakes and we took the time to visit about 6 catteries before we decided on the best one. With Lara Cattery we didn't need to look any further - THIS WAS IT! Paul and Lorraine are experienced cat people, not a large business running small pens with their holiday cats inside, row after row. This is a select place, but huge in size and lots of room. One of our cats is purely outdoors, but at this place he is content and comes home his usual self. That's what we like, and we can go away feeling safe and happy our cats are in the best of care. I wouldn't bother inspecting all the places around, just a waste of time. I have never compared the rates because if you are happy with a place, money doesn't come into it really.

Elska C.

We have used Lara Cattery on quite a few occasions. When we pick Chardy up she is clean, content which is very important. It is a lovely place and the owners are very caring and are genuine cat lovers which you need to be to run a business like that. We would highly recommend to any cat lovers when their “baby” needs a holiday too.