A Typical Day at Lara Cattery

7am to 7.30am

Good Morning Pat and Chat

Reheat heat pads in the cooler months for the Oldies

Early Breakfast for the special needs, elderly and the frail

7.30 to 10.00

Morning Clean and Attention

Pop holes and windows open to their outside runs – they love this time of the day


12.00 – 3pm

Sleep Time

This is very important for cats who do sleep for long periods. It is a quiet time in the cattery and helps relieve stress for anxious pets.

4pm – 4.30pm

Afternoon Feed

pop holes and windows closed or later depending on the weather


Pat and Chat

Yes your pet is checked in the evening to make sure all is well, extra feeds for the frail and heating adjusted in the cooler months.

Routine for your pet is very important; it makes them feel safe and secure.